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The Triple Point: Perspectives on the Intersection of Science, Religion, and Policy

My first job out of grad school was teaching physical science courses to all manner of first-year students at community colleges across San Diego County. The geology community graciously refers to this as ‘rocks for jocks.’ I was thrilled, to both be DONE with grad school and because I felt so pristinely passionate about science that I simply couldn’t wait […]

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Cecily Grzywacz, National Gallery of Art, to Speak at February Dinner Meeting

Cecily Grzywacz, National Gallery of Art, will be the featured speaker at the February CSW Meeting on Thursday, February 19th. The meeting will be held at the ACS Hach Building (ACS Headquarters).  Dinner meeting details can be found below. Cecily Grzywacz is a Facilities Scientist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  She is a chemist working with […]

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Remembering My Love of Science

By Robert Brothers. After four long and frustrating years of graduate school I was finally able to attend my first American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting.  This experience happened just in time because I was beginning to question if I really wanted to pursue a career in chemistry or science at all.  Fortunately, attending this conference reminded me how much I […]

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“Once You Discover Something, You Want to Know More”

By Mesgana Dagnachew. After walking into my Chemistry classroom, my teacher made an announcement about a, “great summer internship opportunity”, Project SEED. Those who were interested stayed after class. I was one of them. As she told us about the program, I stood there with excitement thinking “When I can apply?” The part that interested me was having a summer internship […]

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Ozone, Ozone Depletion, and the Montreal Protocol (Part 1)

Between the latest round of climate talks and the weather I’ve had a lot to think about. Over twenty years of international negotiations have yet to produce a binding climate treaty effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The November US-China announcement looks helpful since cooperation and participation by both nations is essential for any serious plan, but the latest round […]

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