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Catalyzing Science with Open Data — E-Learning with Massive Open Online Acronyms

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, are part of the open data and open source movement. Many view MOOCs as a disruptive innovation within education because these free, online learning modules challenge conventional norms and status-quo learning styles. The line between teacher and student becomes blurred, as many MOOCs rely on students to teach, grade, and co-create teaching materials. In […]

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Catalyzing Science with Open Data — Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science

New Frontiers with Data Exploration Data are a valuable national asset, as highlighted in the first part of this Open Science series. Big, open, interoperable data and technology are transforming society, science, and medicine by unlocking new answers to complex questions previously unsolvable. Data also underlie science, guiding evidence-based endeavors and the core of the scientific method. Equally important are […]

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Catalyzing Science with Open Data — What is Open Data?

A new data age is sweeping the nation. In February 2015, the White House hired the first-ever U.S. Chief Data Scientist, D.J. Patil, announcing that “the data age has arrived.” This accelerates Federal agency efforts to unleash the power of government data by making it available to everyone, as a strategic national asset for entrepreneurship and economic development, belonging to […]

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