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A Fresh Perspective on an Old City

By Matthew Finn Having grown up in Connecticut, I have had several opportunities to visit Boston when I was younger.  Although the city was familiar to me, coming here for the ACS conference gave me a fresh perspective on the city. Since Washington, D.C. is (relatively) close to Boston, my group and I decided to make the trip by car.  […]

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The City and the Science

By Elikplim Adaba I attended the meeting in San Francisco last fall, and since Boston was my second ACS experience, I was more prepared this time around. The secret to any ACS meeting, I have found, is not only attending the talks (both professional and technical), but also experiencing the host city. I booked my flight and accommodation to enable […]

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Bucket List Achievement Unlocked

By Karina Herrera-Guzman Traveling is an obsession of mine. Since I started to study chemistry as an undergraduate student, I always dreamed about the possibility of traveling. I had heard that science gave you that opportunity. Science isn’t only about exploring the basis of knowledge; it’s also about exploring different cultures and networking with different disciplines. We do that because it […]

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Remembering My Love of Science

By Robert Brothers. After four long and frustrating years of graduate school I was finally able to attend my first American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting.  This experience happened just in time because I was beginning to question if I really wanted to pursue a career in chemistry or science at all.  Fortunately, attending this conference reminded me how much I […]

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“Once You Discover Something, You Want to Know More”

By Mesgana Dagnachew. After walking into my Chemistry classroom, my teacher made an announcement about a, “great summer internship opportunity”, Project SEED. Those who were interested stayed after class. I was one of them. As she told us about the program, I stood there with excitement thinking “When I can apply?” The part that interested me was having a summer internship […]

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Experiencing the Fundamentals of Science

By SangHo Jee. Whenever I tell my classmates that I worked in a lab over the summer, people imagine mysterious individuals in white lab coats pouring suspicious substances from one flask to another. I have to tell them that researching in science isn’t really about suddenly inventing a new chemical that will cure cancer. It’s about the cooperation of individuals […]

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